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Family Dentist McKinney - Dr. Jade On

Dr. Jade On was born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA. She received her undergraduate degree in biology from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA and her dental degree from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston, MA.

Having spent her entire life in school, she decided it was time to move to a new city to plant her seeds in a different environment. She took a risk and decided to move to Dallas, TX despite not knowing anyone or much about the city. She told herself that she would figure things out once she got there, and the rest is history.

Outside of the office, she spends most of her spare time with her husband and their pride and joy, a mini dachshund named Ween. They enjoy rock climbing, fishing, baking, finding Ween’s newest favorite hiking trail, discovering new restaurants, and exploring new cities. On their lazy days, you can find them on the couch watching Jeopardy and hockey, all while Ween side eyes them from across the room for not being the center of attention.


Family Dentist McKinney TX

At Smile On Dentistry, Dr. On’s mission is to provide an individualized dental experience for each of you. She believes in operating with utmost honesty and integrity to provide you with quality, long-lasting dentistry and values the opportunity to gain your trust as your dental provider of choice.

Being in such a dynamic field as dentistry allows Dr. On to serve her patients by continuously learning and staying up to date with new materials, techniques, and equipment to provide the best long term care for her patients. She loves getting to know her patients and embraces the opportunity to break down the barriers of a traditional dental visit to connect with her patients and to make their dental experience an enjoyable, inviting, and stress-free one.

Always having an eye for aesthetics and design, Dr. On has personalized every aspect of Smile On Dentistry to create a relaxing, safe space for her patients. She hopes that you will appreciate the personal touches within the office that have been hand picked to provide a comforting environment for all. She looks forward to meeting all of you, exchanging dog pictures and memes, and hearing about where you went on your weekend trip.

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